Our Success Stories

Barry and Allison - Middle Park

You need to keep Era’s number in your phone for quick, easy reference … under Insurance Expert! What Era has done and been able to achieve for my wife and me is far beyond any of our expectations. Era just happened to be accompanying our builder during a routine meeting at our home when she noticed that there was a strong mouldy odor in our living room. Thanks to Era’s swift action, mitigation strategies, outstanding in-depth knowledge of water damage and mould and insurance claims and processes, Era immediately engaged the necessary experts to determine causation, was able to promptly lodge the appropriate claim with our insurance company on our behalf, saved our expensive furniture from mould contamination and minimized immense damage to our beautiful recently renovated home. Not only did she lodge the claim with ease and efficiently and effectively project managed it to the end without any hiccups, but she liaised with our insurer (and spared us the stress) to ensure we received everything we were entitled to whilst ensuring that all the necessary mould remediation and building repairs were correctly completed to our satisfaction and safety requirements, whilst keeping us completely informed throughout the entire claim. Besides minimizing our loss she no doubt saved our insurer huge damage costs that would have been far greater without her involvement and expertise! We can not praise Era, her expertise, competent negotiation, knowledge and abilities enough! Thank you so much Era – you saved us from a complete nightmare! 

Barry and Allison / Middle Park
Adriana - Essendon

Era was referred to me by some friends who raved about her extraordinary expertise and ability during their recent insurance claim, when I alarmingly found some water damage and mould in the back of my pantry and adjoining walk in robe. I was an absolute mess, but Era’s prompt response, action and advice not only lessened the damage to my kitchen and bedroom and my precious personal belongings, saving thousands of dollars of damage, but she painlessly managed the entire process for me with my insurer, their repairers and experts from start to finish. I don’t know how she does it but she does it with such skill and ease. She is an absolute master and lifesaver! Era not only arranged immediate make safe containment with my insurer when she lodged the claim on my behalf (saving my entire home and contents from contamination) but ensured that they provided me with immediate temporary accommodation that very night which was a godsend!! This woman knows her stuff inside out and she gets the results we, the little people don’t know about but deserve and pay for under our policies!! I won’t lodge another claim without her! Era, thank you so much!! Where would I be without you!

Adriana / Essendon
Marie and Craig - Rosebud

If you are having problems with your insurance claim and looking for an expert with extensive insurance claims and building defects experience who knows how to deliver results to help you, we can not recommend Era enough! Not only did she get our claim back on track within 24 hrs of calling our claims manager (after 6 months of constant delays and struggles) but she helped us get everything we were entitled to under our policy without the stress and delays that we were constantly experiencing and she had our insurer provide us temporary accommodation the very next day! Era has such unique skills and experience in insurance claims and her proficient ability to work together with the insurer to ensure that our home was repaired correctly and as quickly as possible has seriously saved our lives and marriage! Not only does she advocate and fight on your behalf but her extensive in-depth advice about the insurance process, water damage and mould was invaluable!! Thank you so much Era, we can not recommend you highly enough!

Marie and Craig / Rosebud
Luke and Helen - Hillside

Era is absolutely brilliant!! She literally saved my young family’s life! We were in a rental property that had became severely affected by black mould due to storm damage and my landlord and agent refused to do anything about it for months, that we were all becoming very sick. Thanks to Era and her prompt engagement of key water / mould damage experts and hygienists she advised me about the appropriate action and process to undertake with our agent to ensure our landlord would take notice and attend to the water / mould damage issues immediately. Not only did Era assist us as our representative to negotiate with the landlord a mutual break lease agreement without any penalty (so the landlord could also attended to the expert recommend repairs) but she helped us to immediately lodge our insurance claim for our damaged mould contaminated contents and tirelessly worked together with our insurer to provide us a speedy cash settlement. My young family was so incredibly stressed, sick and broken by this entire ordeal before we were referred to Era but given her extensive experience and expertise in this area and her expedient “always available” service, Era seriously helped me sleep at night for the first time in months as she knows exactly what is required to help you and fast! We would trust her with our lives! We can not thank you enough Era! We are so incredibly lucky to have found you! Forever grateful. All the best.

Bec and Mike - Elwood / Rosebud
Marta & Vincent - North Coburg

We were very lucky to be referred to Era when we did. On the day we dialled her number, we were told by our insurance company that they are closing the case even though we still had mould in the house. We had been living in a hotel for weeks by then with our young family and were very close to nervous breakdown. Our insurance claim had already taken over our lives, stuff we had told the companies we were dealing with – insurance, builder, mould remediator – over and over again was being ignored.

On the same day we first spoke with Era, she became completely up to speed with our situation and was on the phone with our insurance company the next morning. All of a sudden, things started to finally happen. She knew our rights and the case continued. From that moment forward, it wasn’t always smooth sailing but our lives did change that day completely. We were still living in a hotel but we didn’t need to be on the phone anymore all the time getting frustrated, we could just get back to focusing on our little ones and obviously health and fitness had taken a backseat for some time as well. We started to realise that the insurance company didn’t treat us like a customer, but as a patient who needs to obey.

Era used her connections where needed. She knows lots of experts that normal people like us don’t have such as plumbers, insurance lawyers, mould experts and building biologists that can jump in to do work or review.

When things get complex, you really need representation to make sure you get everything you are entitled to in a way that puts the least amount of stress onto your life. As Era went through all this herself, it wasn’t just her knowledge of the industry and insured rights, dished out with an amazing communication skill. She knows first hand the health effects of mould and what it’s like to be effectively homeless with little kids as she has been through this herself. This really helped us as the whole thing had taken an emotional toll and the fact that Era understood this meant she was in a way also our psychologist. It really feels like she’s your big sister who’s got your back, no matter what. If any of this sounds like what you are going through right now, your next phone call to Era will be the best thing you’ve done this year, as it was for us. Era is an outstanding person who is also an overachiever on her client’s behalf. She will shield you from the headache and will deliver results.

Marta & Vincent

In 2013 I made a home insurance claim with my insurance company. It was a major claim which would eventually affect my life dramatically. I rang my insurer when I realised, I had a problem. From that moment everything turned into a downward spiral. I was then advised to call an “insurance advocate” to guide me though the mine field I found myself in. I rang Era McKeown. It was a game changing call. Era has the experience and knowledge to know how the system works and how to navigate it. She has a tenacity that is rare, and she proved to be a formidable opponent to a company who chose to not live up to their obligations. After a four-and-a-half-year battle I finally won the case to have my claim validated and I know without a doubt Era was hugely instrumental in my achieving a positive outcome. The only mistake I made was not ringing her “before” I rang my insurer. I highly recommend Era McKeown to anyone who requires an insurance advocate.