Hi, I’m Era McKeown. Welcome to my story and unique service. I can only assume if you are reading this you are either unfortunately fighting or having problems with your insurance company or claim, or maybe you have found/have been told you have mould in your home or car and now have absolutely no idea what you need or can do, or maybe you have a building defect and are in dispute with your builder and potentially have water/mould damage and don’t know what your options are? Either way, there is good news! You have come to the right place! I know exactly how to help and have been successfully helping everyday Australian’s facing these very same challenges, just like yours, every single day, since 2012.

How do I know how to help? Experience! Unfortunately I too have personally been where you are now. My young family suffered catastrophic hail storm damage on Christmas Day 2011 in Melbourne and we unfortunately lost everything, our beautiful family home and all of our treasured possessions. Displaced, with only the clothes on our back, I tenaciously, single handedly navigated day after day our little family and total loss claim through the turbulent stormy insurance and mould remediation maze for several years, leaving no stone unturned, or loose thread untied, personally experiencing all the hard knocks and battle scars of the claim whilst learning all the intimate ins and outs of the entire claim process, the relevant industries, the key players, mould remediation processes, the policy fine print, building damage, SOW, industry experts and all the little things you just don’t get told about until you personally experience it first hand, deep in the bowls of the claim, and as a result, successfully sailed this tough, highly complex, large loss claim safely back home. To put it bluntly and plainly, I’ve walked through the fire and have come out the other side … now armed with an abundance of invaluable hands on expertise, insight and knowledge, more skilful, experienced, wiser, stronger, determined and stoic than ever before!

From a very young age I’ve always stood up for the little or voiceless person, fighting tirelessly for their rights and justice … and I quickly realised from my own personal plight, given the only available options (1) giving up (which was and is never an option or part of my vocabulary!) (2) engaging costly legal representation (which isn’t even an option early on when urgent help is critically required) or (3) lodging a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service (unfortunately a considerable lengthy process) that there was a massive lack of affordable, effective and immediate help and advice for the desperate and uneducated homeowner to bring balance to the scales (trust me … at the time I desperately searched everywhere for my trusty claims adviser to have my back but unfortunately no one swooped in and saved us) that is when I knew, I had to stand up for myself, my family, to save everything that we had worked very hard for… and not just for me, but for others like you and fast!

Coupled with my extensive practice management experience in the legal industry, and although I am not a lawyer (that’s actually a good thing as insurers and builders actually prefer to deal with me than with lawyers … more collaborative than formal and legal) I know how to achieve successful outcomes and am here, passionate and determined to fight for you, to be your shield, trusty adviser, and moral support if required, whilst I navigate your claim or dispute, no matter how big or small, complex or delayed, and at whatever stage it is at, safely back home for you and your family!

Now safely back home in our own beautiful restored home with my family, I would really love to find out more about how I can immediately help you to make a real difference to your claim or dispute and most importantly get you and your family back on your feet as swiftly as possible! If you need someone who will have your back, you have definitely come to the right place!

If you have come along to check me out and are an insurer, a third party service provider or a builder, welcome! I sincerely hope that we also have the opportunity to collaboratively work together for the benefit of our respective clients and show them that we are the difference in the industry they desperately need and have paid for … so let’s tirelessly and transparently work together as a team to get them where they belong, safely back home, as quickly as possible!

Era McKeown