What I Do

Over the last ten years I have helped numerous everyday Australians successfully settle large and challenging general insurance claims and building disputes. My success comes from both meticulous preparation and confident negotiation as well as in-depth insurance, mould and building industry knowledge. My motivation comes from personal experience with my own complex storm (mould) damage claim, which first set me on this path nearly a decade ago.

I am here with you at each stage of the process to decipher the expert reports and evidence, navigate the claim on your behalf, manage the dispute process and advise you on your options and rights. Your advocate and confidante, my role is to get my clients everything they are entitled to under their policy or building contract so they can get back on their feet fast. If I don’t believe I can make a difference I will tell you upfront during our (1 hour) free consultation.

If I take on your matter it means I believe I can make a significant difference to the outcome and timeframe of your claim or dispute. So why delay? Let’s see how I can help you today!

“Every insurance claim & building dispute is unique.

I am passionate about sharing my personal & professional experience to help you

successfully settle yours!”


How I Can Help You

Why I Do It

I have been a Disputes and Claims Advocate for nearly a decade. Previously employed as an Operations Manager for a leading Melbourne law firm for many years, personal experience with my own total loss home and contents claim took my career in a new direction. Having seen first-hand the extraordinary effort, organisational skill, emotional resilience and in-depth expertise required to bring a complicated claim successfully home, I knew I could make a significant difference to others facing the same challenges. I also quickly realised that the homeowner had nowhere to turn to for appropriate advice and immediate help; that there was no equality, fairness or justice for the “little person”. I decided to do what I could to level the playing field and haven’t looked back since!


What My Clients Say

Often when I take on a new client, they are feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of the process and task ahead of them. Whether it’s an insurance claim or building dispute, the critical importance of getting it right and keeping it on track can become stressful and unmanageable. But rather take my word for it, here is what my clients say about their personal experience with me and how I made a difference to their lives.


Era was referred to me by some friends who raved about her extraordinary expertise and ability during their recent insurance claim, when I alarmingly found some water damage and mould in the back of my pantry and adjoining walk in robe. I was an absolute mess, but Era’s prompt response, action and advice not only lessened the damage….. read more


Marie & Craig

If you are having problems with your insurance claim and looking for an expert with extensive insurance claims and building defects experience who knows how to deliver results to help you, we can not recommend Era enough! Not only did she get our claim back on track within 24 hrs of calling our claims manager (after 6 months of constant delays and struggles) but….. read more



In 2013 I made a home insurance claim with my insurance company. It was a major claim which would eventually affect my life dramatically. I rang my insurer when I realised, I had a problem…  read more


Bec & Mike

Era is absolutely brilliant!! She literally saved my young family’s life! We were in a rental property that had became severely affected by black mould due to storm damage and my landlord and agent refused to do anything about it for months, that we were all becoming very sick. Thanks to Era and her prompt engagement of key water / mould damage experts and hygienists she advised….. read more


Luke & Helen

Era was referred to us by a hygienist during the latter stages of our claim when our insurer was refusing and delaying to undertake the necessary mould remediation and building repairs to our storm damaged home. Era immediately assisted us in preparing a fully documented and supported SOW for mould remediation and building repairs by engaging appropriate experts, thoroughly explaining the entire claims process to….. read more


Marta & Vincent

We were very lucky to be referred to Era when we did. On the day we dialled her number, we were told by our insurance company that they are closing the case even though we still had mould in the house. We had been living in a hotel for weeks by then with our young family and were very close to nervous breakdown. Our insurance claim had already taken over our lives, stuff we had told the companies we were dealing with….. read more


Barry and Allison

You need to keep Era’s number in your phone for quick, easy reference … under Insurance Expert! What Era has done and been able to achieve for my wife and me is far beyond any of our expectations. Era just happened to be accompanying our builder during a routine meeting at our home when she noticed that there was a strong mouldy odor in our living room. Thanks to Era’s swift action, mitigation….. read more

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